Just a Few Steps More

I have a few friends that look out for me–in the spiritual sense. We take meals together–not as often as we would like, but anytime is a good time for Mexican food with these ladies. We keep in close touch. We share our lives. One of the first things that any of us do when we need prayer is reach out to each other. Prayer requests come regularly through a group text.

One of these friends often quotes this scripture as she prays for us.

This is the Way

What a powerful verse. What a powerful way to hear its truth–from a devoted friend praying to the Lord on my behalf, that I would hear Him as He speaks directly to me.

And let me tell ya, I need the reminder.

It seems that I have had a lot of difficult decisions to make over the last couple of years. In the middle of a dark season, I had to decide if I would continue teaching. Regardless of which course I chose, it would not be easy for me or for my family. We rely on my income, so staying at home means that we’ll have to make up the difference somewhere. And yet, I needed to quit. My emotional health demanded it. My job gobbled up the time I needed to work through my grief. It gobbled up the time I needed to devote to my family. It gobbled up the time I needed in order to write.

I really thought I would go clean out of my ever lovin’ mind if I didn’t at least take a break.

I pressed in to God again and again for a solution–because quitting made complete sense and made no sense. A constant tension stretched and tore and tugged at me until I finally submitted my resignation.

Quite often, I feel a little panic attack coming on. I have a strong urge to go bolting back to the classroom. But His voice says to wait. Just a few more steps.

His voice says to trust. A little bit further.

His voice says to seek Him first, and He provides. This is the Way. Walk.

Are you facing a difficult decision? Are you living with a decision and feel a strong urge to throw it in reverse? He knows and He understands. Give Him your concerns and trust Him with the outcomes. If you need reassurance, remember the cross. He knows what we need–from the most dire, immediate need to our most crucial need for a secure eternity.

I’m praying that these posts light up the screens of folks who need to read them. And I would love to reach out to someone who wants to trust Jesus with their eternity and needs some help. My email is below. Feel free to contact me.

For His glory,




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