On Becoming a Daddy’s Girl

I posted this on Father’s Day two years ago under a different title. I thought I would post it again because all parents, not just dads, should know what it is that we do that sticks with our kids. Enjoy.

Katie Prescott Beasley

Daddy and me

My parents planned a big vacation every summer which usually involved driving long distances. We were on our way to Colorado one year when we stopped at a mom and pop diner in some dusty town out in West Texas or maybe New Mexico. My father hated—really loathed—fast food. As a result, we found ourselves in lots of these local joints, which every once in awhile featured miniature juke boxes at each table. Cool! My older brother and I were always interested in these little gadgets but even more interested in finding a quarter that might be left behind in the return slot.

We must have been five and eight years old or maybe a bit older when this incident occurred. Sitting as a family at the table, relieved to be out of the car after miles and miles and miles, my parents no doubt would have done anything to…

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One thought

  1. Needless to say, this brings tears and laughs as you have captured your dad with your humor and writer’s pen. Thanks for the memory. It is as sweet as it was when you first posted it.

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