My new little blog Bible Study…I shall be posting forthwith…

For a long time, a really long time, I’ve been thinking about doing a bible study through my blog. A few years ago, I talked it over with several friends who were enthusiastic about the idea. My vision was for readers to be able to respond and connect through the comments–like a virtual study.

I can’t remember why I shelved the idea before. It wasn’t because I was too busy then. Honestly, I’m really too busy now, but it’s time to get started. My biggest fear lately has been that I would dive in and not be able to keep up because I stay so busy with teaching. But, I’ve decided the only way to right my priorities is to just do it. Every other little thing will always take precedence over study and writing if I don’t do something to make myself reorder my commitments.

The original plan was to start a certain number of days before Easter, and work my way through Matthew so that I would finish with the Resurrection on or about Easter weekend. Most of that plan is now in play, but whether or not I finish by Easter remains to be seen. Right now I’m planning to post three devotionals a week–Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays (we may need to add -ish to the names of those days!) If it looks like I can meet my own deadlines, I will try to move to posting daily, but I have a feeling that’s a little too ambitious! Trying to offer myself a little grace here! I may park on one chapter in Matthew for two or three posts before moving on to the next chapter. I’ll include some questions to think about with each post, but please feel free to pose your own questions for others to respond to.

I hope you will join me in studying Jesus’ life and ministry with Easter approaching. Please comment, question, share, and repost. I’ve prayed for God to give me what He wants me to write and to make it useful.

Here it goes.

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